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About the GOG

The Guardians of Greatness Foundation (GOG) is a not-for-profit organization that provides a program of
• character development
• skill development
• and economic opportunities
to coordinate the success of our community.

We Believe that Greatness is In your DNA.  So, we provide all the structure, incentives, and opportunities for you to develop your talents. 

GOG programs are divided by age and activities.
The Young Guardians is for young people aged 5 to 9. 
The Guardians of Greatness is for ages 10 and up. 


GOG programs are operated by local chartering organizations, such as religious institutions, clubs, civic associations, and educational organizations, which implement the GOG program for youth within their communities. These units are led entirely by members appointed by the chartering organization, who are supported by local councils using both volunteers and paid professional staff.

We provide compensation for service using a combination of traditional currency (eg., Dollars) and our own Time-based currency.


GOG was developed for the specific needs of our communities.
Therefore, our goals are to flip our epidemic statistics right side up.


To accomplish this, we provide structure, incentives, scholarships, and business opportunities to teach our best values and make ensure that our children are not raised by the streets.

Our Declarations

Who are we  - Guardians of Greatness 

What do we do with negative emotions - we make sure they don't bring us down the spiral.  

What are we creating - the greatest & noblest Black men of all time.  

Role Models

We have Black Male Role models; retired military Generals, Navy Admirals, Navy Pilots, Black Astronaut, and Aeronautical Engineers. 

We organize a military-style discipline with marching drills,  procedures, and organizations. 

The discipline and military role models they will receive will prevent them from being raised by gang generals. This will help us create the greatest and noblest Black men of all time.  

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