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  • What is the difference between your two websites?
    We have 2 websites because some of our activities are not for profit. is our not-for-profit called The Guardians of Greatness Foundation. Our not-for-profit receives contributions from the public to support not-for-profit activities like student scholarships for Flight Instruction, Unmanned Drone certifications heavy machine certification, other licensing programs, and more. is the for-profit called Guardians of Greatness LLC. Sales from the for-profit site help us fund our not-for-profit. Our for-profit has products that are made for sale privately. For example, The founder JL MD wrote the book "Guardians of Greatness presents" - That's the blueprint to repair epidemic problems in our communities. Profit from the sales will be used to fund the activities of the not-for-profit. the founder JL MD designed clothes for our activities and recreational league. Profit from the sales will be used to fund the activities of the not-for-profit.
  • Is there a Guardians of Greatness Unit in my area?
    coming soon
  • Must I be a U.S. citizen to join the Guardians of Greatness?
  • How often do Guardians of Greatness meet?
  • What happens at GOG Meetings?
    Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner - Depending on the time that we meet. Opening Exercises Squad leaders take reports from their team. eg., wolf pack report & values report. Fall in Deliver the reports Declarations and Affirmations Exhortations - motivation speech/presentation Introduction of the day's activities. Breakout sessions or field trips. Breakout sessions Everything happens in one large space so that everyone can see everyone else. In that space, we will have stations for different activities such as: Simulator Station - Bank of computers for flight simulators, construction simulators, and or computer-based design. 3d Modeling Station - for building mini buildings Quadcopter and Plane Station - for construction & racing aircraft Martial arts stations - a large mat Marching Station - to practice marching drills Reading stations - where young people get in a circle and take turns reading a book. Scenarios stations - where young people review Social media reporting station - where young people gather and take video content for our online news reporting efforts Drumming Station - where some students may learn to play marching drum snares Growing Station - to learn how to grow fish and food Tailoring station - to learn tailoring skills and other activities as needed A meeting might have only 1 station to begin with and increase the number of stations as they grow in size. Students can rotate through the stations -- when we have a large number of students. Stations can be held at different buildings/areas as needed. Field Trips We have many field trips planned such as field trips to see aviation mechanics field trips to see areal aerobatics field trips to aviation museums and other museums And many more. Closing Exercises
  • May Parents attend meetings?
    Yes. Parents may attend all meetings. Parents will be organized into one of two categories at the discretion of the meeting leaders: Observers Assistants Observers - will watch from the observer's area. This is like when parents watch their children doing martial arts from behind a glass window etc., Assistants - will be given instructions about what to do. All activities are organized in a large open room where everyone can see each other. This is our security protocol you can help ensure this happens at all locations.
  • What supplies and equipment are needed to participate in GOG?
    GOG Uniforms. We have several types of GOG Uniforms to create unity and order. Our T-shirts come in 2 types. Dress Black - Gold & Black Dress Whites - Gold & White. Activities - requiring heavy use of computers. Some of our activities that require a computer-based simulator such as: Flight Simulator Software Heavy Construction machine simulator Automation and robotics Simulator Design software Urban Design software - cities skylines. and more. These require a high-performance computer with an internet connection. Activities - requiring light use of computers. Our school mall project requires light use of computer If you do not have a computer with internet action at home please let us know so that we can make accommodations for participation in the activity.
  • Where I can purchase GOG literature, uniforms, and other program materials?
    Yes, all materials can be purchased at
  • How can I save money on the cost of uniforms and equipment?
    We have large-scale distributions of uniforms and materials. In some cases, some materials will be distributed for free based on contributions and sponsorship.
  • What are the GOG Oath & GOG Law?
  • Does the Guardians of Greatness have paid employees?
    coming soon. yes
  • How do I start a GOG unit in my area? 
    Coming soon
  • How can I become an adult volunteer?
    Express your interest to the unit leaders, chartered organization representative, or members of the unit committee. There is no guarantee that a specific role or position will be available—and there may be a selection process among several candidates even if the position is currently vacant—there is usually some way in which you can contribute, and most units are glad for any offer of help.
  • How can I make a tax-deductible contribution to the Guardians of Greatness?
    coming soon. You can make a contribution to our GENERAL FUND. Or you can make a contribution to SPECIFIC PROJECTS. Specific projects include: Aviation Aviation - flying instructions Uniforms a list will be completed soon. If you would like we can tell you exactly • where the money went, • whom it benefited • and or the positive outcome.
  • The Goal of Guardians of Greatness is to flip our epidemic statistics right side up. Do you have a list of statistics that you are improving?
    To flip our statistics right side up, we have many different activities. Our goal is to improve our statistics in every city with GOG units. We track statistics in ways that are already being measured by city/zipcode. The epidemic statistics include the following: Negative Statistics that we actively reduce Murder rate Shootings Robberies (carjackings, break-ins, armed robberies etc) Fights Missing person Human trafficking Domestic Violence Childhood & Teenage suicide attempts Positive statistics we actively increase Education - Professional licensing Private Pilots License Unmanned Drone Certification Heavy Machine certification Aquaculture food safety certifications and other professional licenses and certificates Education - Children playing chess. Chess teaches logical thinking and thinking ahead. Many people do crimes and get arrested 20 minutes later to spend a lifetime in prison. There is a pattern of not thinking ahead. Chess teaches thinking ahead. Doing this should reduce the number of crimes. Participation Metrics Participation means kids are being raised with our best values instead of being raised by the streets. Our activities keep them busy and out of trouble. Participation metrics include: # of participants participants with prior records attendance activities completed - eg., field trips certificate skills earned - like our swimming, diving, cooking certificates, quadcopter & glider assembly, and more. These are equivalent to the activities you would see in the Boy Scouts of America. image marketing pieces completed weekly tally/rewards for doing our behaviors that represent our best values participation in community safety traditions eg., traveling together wolf pack crime interception wolf pack reports intercepting crime in the community and redirection to peer courts Relationships New Relationship with GOG traditions to make them better. New Family with GOG traditions to make them better. Entrepreneurship - New businesses started & revenue Our community has an epidemic shortage of business ownership. We need 3x more businesses, earning 3x more income, and hiring 3x more people. GOG organizes our communities into businesses and worker cooperatives. For example, one of our goals is to get city agencies and corporations to purchase from worker-cooperative businesses. This will provide stable new economy for poor neighborhoods. Otherwise, under the capitalistic system, poor mutual aid communities can be easily pushed out for capitalistic gain of the system. expunging of felony records - Early release from prison - our program should demonstrate that we can rehabilitate former felons, stabilize, and prevent them from returning to prison. Therefore we are trying to organize early release from prison for individuals who did crimes of poverty. All of this activity should end our epidemic statistics quickly.
  • Which Flight Simulator Software should we use?
    Options Flight Gear Flight Simulator is free. 2022 Microsoft Flight Simulator We will announce when we get some free licenses of paid simulators or free yokes.
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